Should You Enter the 2016 ANSYS Hall of Fame Competition?

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Should You Enter the 2016 ANSYS Hall of Fame Competition?

In the few years that I’ve been involved in the ANSYS Hall of Fame, I have been intrigued to see a wide variety of unique entries from our customers. Winners in the ANSYS Hall of Fame span many industries and applications. Even those that haven’t made the winner podium are fascinating and have included boat design, bridge construction, bubbles in a glass of champagne and wind turbine placement. Innovative use of ANSYS simulation enables engineers to break new boundaries across every industry.


Should You Enter the 2016 ANSYS Hall of Fame Competition?However, it doesn’t require a unique application to enter the Hall of Fame. Engineering excellence can be discovered in everyday applications both large and small. Engineers solve problems of all sizes and complexities to make their companies successful and realize their product promise.


Should you enter the 2016 ANSYS Hall of Fame Competition?


Of course! Winners receive:


This seventh annual competition provides an opportunity to show your engineering expertise in the application of ANSYS software. Leading companies and universities from around the world have earned their seat and you could too. The worldwide simulation and design communities look forward to seeing the breakthroughs and simulation best practices revealed by Hall of Fame winners and runners-up each year.

Should You Enter the 2016 ANSYS Hall of Fame Competition?The ANSYS Hall of Fame provides a platform to present your organization’s design and engineering ability. While a great image and/or video helps your entry gain a high score, innovative ideas, cutting edge applications and standard work that is performed in an exemplary manner along with well-crafted problem and solution descriptions add value to your entry and our judges’ scores.

To help create your entry for the competition, be sure to review some tips and hints.

Enter now so you can be immortalized in the ANSYS Hall of Fame.

Deadline: November 2, 2015


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Should You Enter the 2016 ANSYS Hall of Fame Competition?

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