Making Engineers lives easier through Simulation – A Roll-bar for VUHL

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One of  the most exiting things I have come accross working for a new indsutry to me, is to take part of projects and other people’s ideas or desires when it comes to Designing and Engineering; and helping to make it possible in the manufacturing processes.

Here is one facinating example

Making Engineers lives easier through Simulation – A Roll-bar for VUHL

The consolidation of the Automotive Industry in Mexico is a consequence of the constant growth and innovation of ideas from Mexican entrepreneurs, among other factors. Such is the case of national ETXE Design, founded by Guillermo and Iker Echeverria, who are on a mission to develop the first sports car 100% made in Mexico, managed to position the VUHL 05 in an elite market.
Conceived as a high performance ultralight vehicle (VUHL stands for Vehicles-Ultra-Highperformant-Lightweight) and aiming at exceeding expectations of a very selective market of automobile enthusiasts, where quality and obviously safety were made priority goals. With this in mind, it was possible to guarantee the function of the roll-bar on the VUHL 05, as it being an element of safety, it’s primary purpose is to protect the passengers of the vehicle in case of rollovers.

Making Engineers lives easier through Simulation – A Roll-bar for VUHL

“We are interested in the ongoing relationship with
Grupo SSC because of their high level of
professionalism and the quality of the work handed-in.”
Iker Echeverria Technical Director at ETXE Design.

During the prototype phase,

Making Engineers lives easier through Simulation – A Roll-bar for VUHL

ETXE addressed Grupo SSC with the purpose to evaluate and guarantee the structural integrity of the Roll-bar, assignment that the Engineering team at Grupo SSC performed by first, evaluating and analyzing ETXE’s designs for this car accessory under different load conditions through an exhaustive finite element analyses with ANSYS; using Ansys Mechanical software.

VUHL 05’s success is a product of a disruptive innovation that due to the project’s ambitions required the implementation and adoption of technologies worthy of it. In turn, Grupo SSC through its experience and technological capacities with tools such as ANSYS, managed to be sided with, delivering the requested information on time and form to decide appropriately and accurately on VUHL 05’s final design.

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Se define como ciudadana del mundo, habiendo hecho carrera en el diseño y trabajado en producción y compras para la moda, la joyería, los accesorios de piel esto para variadas marcas tanto deportivas como para la alta costura; lo que a su vez la llevo a fabricar en Barcelona, Shanghai, México, Paris, Milano y Los Angeles. Dentro de sus habilidades mas destacadas, aparte de guardar gran conocimiento en materias primas y procesos, están la negociación de contratos y vigilancia en el respeto de normas de calidad.

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