An Engineer’s guide to the Oil & Gas industry – Line 3 for Pemex

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Some times one reads the News and feels we don’t understand what´s happening, some times we understand more that we want to. Then, perhaps we believe there are secretes or facts beyond our reach. 

Here I share a little bit of tuth. 

An Engineer’s guide to the Oil & Gas industry – Line 3 for Pemex

The Marine Terminal Dos Bocas, Tabasco, on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico was built in 1979 by PEMEX as a center for shipping and exporting crude oil. It has been one of the most important ports due to its cargo volumes among other factors. The goal was to be able to count with a terminal capable of controlling the handling of the production of crude oil coming from the Campeche probe, for which the quality of the information became a key indicator of PEMEX’s operations in Dos Bocas.

Some production data and reports had irregularities regarding received barrel units as opposed to shipped ones, which in turn for the industry used to processing thousands of barrels of crude oil per day meant a great loss. An Engineer’s guide to the Oil & Gas industry – Line 3 for PemexGrupo SSC analyzed the issue and determined necessary to re-evaluate through CFD to identify the origin of these variants. Even when Pemex had previously done many different tests and studies of the case, there was no plausible documented answers.
To come up with a solution it was greatly considered to know and characterize the real properties of the produced crude oil in question, understanding that the results of this Simulation would be entirely dependent of the data. This was possible through a PVT (Pressure/ Volume/ Temperature) module developed by Grupo SSC, that locked on very well with Ansys’ simulation software, where was built and analyzed a virtual model of the submarine pipe line. This simulation took under consideration the bathymetry and the 140 kms of pipeline for the fluid flow as of its real operational conditions.

The simulation elaborated by Grupo SSC resulted in very interesting data, because it indicated that in the pipeline, a few hundred meters prior to reaching The Marine Terminal, the crude oil started to evaporate releasing some light components caused by changes in bombing pressure, temperature and flow, leading to a shrinkage in the remaining fluid.
The precision of these results made possible to determine and report total volumes of hydrocarbon that was being lost due to transportation and phase changes hence justifying the inconsistencies presented in Dos Bocas.

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