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The biggest contribution of Engineering services – INEEL – Renewable Energies

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The biggest contribution of Engineering services – INEEL – Renewable Energies

Innovation and research on clean energies are initiatives that have brought global collaboration which will further necessary technologies to define a clean energetic future that in turn will be affordable and reliable.
Mexico is one of the three most attractive countries in the world for investing in solar and wind energy; and 4th globally in electricity production produced from geothermal energy. By 2024 its goal is to produce 35% of its energy from renewable sources.

With more than 4 decades of experience in the energy field, The National Institute of Electricity and Clean Energy (in spanish  INEEL,) vis-à-vis The Electric Research Institute, (in Spanish IIE) originated as a result of The Law for the Electrical Transition, in which it entrusts new and ambitious responsibilities. Distinguished among these are the promotion of applied research and the development of technologies for the fulfillment of the objectives in terms of clean energy and energy efficiency.

With the technical and scientific support of INEEL, The Department of Energy (in spanish SENER) has been able to formulate, conduct and evaluate national policy in matters of electrical energy in general and clean energies in particular. Representing Mexico before the members of Mission Innovation, a global initiative to accelerate innovation in clean energies, INEEL was assigned as leader of The Mexican Center of Innovative Energies (in spanish CeMIE) network, because of its well-known leadership in other Energy Centers.The biggest contribution of Engineering services – INEEL – Renewable Energies

For more than 25 years INEEL and Grupo SSC have collaborated on a large number of consultancy projects, training and education of specialist and researchers, and along with the ANSYS application, a tool that by nature drives technological development into the Industry 4.0, they have been able to ensure the operational reliability of diverse equipment, reducing manufacturing costs, optimizing maintenance plans and bettering mechanical and electrical performance.

The biggest contribution of Engineering services – INEEL – Renewable Energies

INEEL is highly engaged with the country’s future in the energetic industry at a global level, which also transcends to Grupo SSC as leader of the Industry 4.0 and strategic ally of the Institution with technological transferring to give solutions to the defying challenges of the industry.

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