jueves , 19 mayo 2022

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An Engineer’s guide to the Oil & Gas industry – A virtual Lab for Pemex

In today’s reallity we should call this debunking of petrolum theories. Don’t get me wrong I love the idea of diversifying energy, but this industry has not said it’s last word. Creating a virtual world with a purpose is no game. The TMDB was mainly created for the processing, handling and exporting of crude oil, so quality standards, specifically when …

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An Engineer’s guide to the Oil & Gas industry – Line 3 for Pemex

Some times one reads the News and feels we don’t understand what´s happening, some times we understand more that we want to. Then, perhaps we believe there are secretes or facts beyond our reach.  Here I share a little bit of tuth.  The Marine Terminal Dos Bocas, Tabasco, on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico was built in 1979 …

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