viernes , 27 enero 2023

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An Engineer’s guide to the Oil & Gas industry – A virtual Lab for Pemex

In today’s reallity we should call this debunking of petrolum theories. Don’t get me wrong I love the idea of diversifying energy, but this industry has not said it’s last word. Creating a virtual world with a purpose is no game. The TMDB was mainly created for the processing, handling and exporting of crude oil, so quality standards, specifically when …

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Are Simulation & Design Services anygood? Here is one way you can be certain – ANDRYTZ Hydro for CFE

With a capacity of 750 MW, the equal value of 50% of Guadalajara’s Metropole in electricity requirement; one of Mexico’s most important and ambitious hydroelectric projects is “La Yesca.” Build by CFE Comisión Federal de Electricidad (The Federal Commission of Electricity) as part of the Hydraulic System of the Santiago River including 27 projects in all, of which “La Yesca” …

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Easy ways to use CAD & CAE that will Sky Rocket your productivity – Light Weight Train for Bombardier

“The Minneapolis, Minnesota LRT is the first train designed,manufactured, analyzed and tested in its entirety in Mexico.” With a vision constantly molding the present of the Transport and Mobility industry worldwide; Bombardier, global leader in the Railway and Aerospace Industries, accepted the challenge to communicate both twin cities of the state of Minnesota, in the beginnings of 2000, with the …

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