ANSYS Advantage Best of Aerospace and Defense. Special ISSUE 2016

Caso de Grupo SSC - Best of Aerospace and

ANSYS Advantage Best of Aerospace and Defense. Special ISSUE 2016


Volatile and rising fuel cost coupled with green initiatives drive the development of technologies that reduce the cost and environmental impact of flight. Pratt and Whitney, known for game-changing product innovations, deployed simulation to design an engine that delivered over 15 percent improvement in fuel burn while reducing its noise footprint and carbon emissions.

Competition to capture the growing number of air travelers means an increased focus on passenger comfort. Aircraft climate control experts at Tianjin and Purdue universities employed systemslevel simulation and detailed thermal analysis to meet industry standards for environmental control system design

Innovation must be achieved in an evolving, highly regulated safety framework — all while controlling development costs. To certify braking systems for safety, software developers must test for each possible input to the brake control software, as well as for a broad range of operating events. Crane Aerospace & Electronics, which performed these tests virtually, has been able to meet government guidelines, tight budgets and even tighter schedules

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