ANSYS Advantage Best of Energy. Special ISSUE 2016

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ANSYS Advantage Best of Energy. Special ISSUE 2016


Global prosperity requires reliable energy at a reasonable cost. To meet this demand, the industry is changing the way it produces energy and power, whether it comes from hydrocarbon, nuclear or renewable means. Supplying it requires sustainable development, environmental stewardship, compliance with regulations and cost management.

Independent of prices, the industry’s most pressing challenge is cost per unit of energy. Recent layoffs and out-of-theordinary cuts to capital and operating costs are driving the oil and gas industry to produce energy more efficiently, more safely, and with a smaller carbon footprint. Debate over subsidies, reliability and viability have resulted in accelerated development/deployment and widespread innovation in renewable energy, which includes solar, wind and hydropower, fuel cells, wave and tidal, energy storage, the next generation of fission nuclear reactors and advancements in fusion energy.

Engineering organizations face continual challenges to meet new product introduction deadlines and development-time/cost schedules, while ensuring that the resulting product is reliable, sustainable and safe. Complete virtual prototyping and systems-level thinking are proven methods to shorten time to market, minimize costs associated with development, meet government regulations, and solve incredibly complex product design and assessment performance requirements. Engineering simulation technologies enable evaluation and development of next-generation technologies, help eliminate overdesign, provide additional insight into failure analysis and warranty concerns, and bring robust computational physics into predictive analytical initiatives. 

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