ANSYS Advantage Best of High Tech. Special ISSUE 2016

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ANSYS Advantage Best of High Tech. Special ISSUE 2016


The electrification of our world continues at a rapid pace. Since the 1960s, Dr. Gordon Moore’s prediction that computing performance will double every 12 to 18 months has held true. The conveniences of the modern world — ubiquitous communication through internetenabled phones, electronic payments and digital streaming — are all due to continuous engineering innovations delivered through cheaper, faster, more-precise electronics. What a transformation it’s been! The first Intel microprocessor, introduced in 1974, contained less than 3,000 transistors whereas the recent microprocessors and GPUs contain more than 10 billion transistors. Similarly, the first working mobile phone prototype, demonstrated in 1973, weighed nearly 2.5 pounds. In comparison, the latest iPhone weighs 4.55 ounces and provides the functionality of a mobile computer. These feats required more than just breakthroughs in electronics. Innovations in materials science, physics and processing technologies, and engineering simulation also deserve credit.

Throughout my engineering career, I’ve used many simulation tools to design semiconductor devices, embedded systems and software. At first I used schematic capture tools to build circuit boards, but quickly learned that simulating the designs on computers was more efficient and provided more design insight. In a virtuous circle, I used simulation tools running on Compaq computers to help design the next generation of better, faster, cheaper Compaq computers

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