ANSYS Advantage - Oil and Gas Issue, 2013

Caso de Grupo SSC - Oil and Gas Issue,

ANSYS Advantage - Oil and Gas Issue, 2013

Powering the Commitment to Innovation

What does it take to reduce project cost as well as increase safety and product reliability, all while developing new concepts and reducing environmental impact? Commitment to innovation and new technologies! What does it take to solve the global demand for energy? The answer is the same. Access to new technologies will enable the oil and gas industry, organizations and communities to find new sources of energy and become more energy efficient. For many years, the industry has relied on technology to find, produce and process petrochemicals.

Now we have a great opportunity to accelerate the pace of innovation through the use of computational technology. Market leaders have already seen the benefits from advances in simulation technology as they accelerate their usage of physics-based software earlier in their product development processes. No matter the industry sector, computational engineering is the enabling tool, helping energy companies to develop and evaluate revolutionary new concepts and products as well as to improve and evolve existing tools and practices.

Engineering simulation will play an increasingly larger role in technology development, creating a paradigm shift in drilling, production, transport, and processing of hydrocarbon and alternative fuels. Today the industry applies solutions (including those from ANSYS) for product and concept design ― for example, new drilling technologies, high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) well completion, flow assurance, floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) technology, offshore and subsea structures/equipment including subsea power, and enhanced oil recovery applications. Similarly, engineers and researchers rely on simulation to develop new concepts in intervention, remote operations, and increased use of composites materials, mooring, platform design, and pressure and flow control devices down-hole and on surface.

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