ANSYS Advantage SIMULATION FOR AEROSPACE. Volume VII, Issue 1, 2013


ANSYS Advantage SIMULATION FOR AEROSPACE. Volume VII, Issue 1, 2013


As you will learn in the overview by Aerospace and Defense (A&D) Industry Director Rob Harwood, this sector currently faces many diverse challenges. The A&D industry is under intense fiscal pressure amid sharp defense spending cuts. Consequently, product innovation has become a key driver of growth and profit — whether applied to reducing fuel-burn costs, meeting defense department affordability goals, or dramatically lowering the cost of spaceflight, for example. form the industry — without investing in extensive physical prototyping or wind tunnel tests.

For more than four decades, ANSYS has been helping the industry’s publicand private-sector leaders to accomplish their most ambitious engineering goals via simulation. Today, ANSYS customers include the top five aircraft manufacturers, the top 10 defense contractors, the top 10 space agencies, and the top eight electronics manufacturers in aerospace and defense worldwide.

In working with these industry pacesetters, ANSYS has gained deep and modeling and simulation industry, to the entire hardware and software system. Whether organizations are exploring the use of advanced composites materials, developing innovative phased array antennas, or creating radical engine redesigns that incorporate new fuels and combustion processes, today their challenge is really to re-invent an entire industry.

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