ANSYS Advantage SPOTLIGHT ON Autonomous Vehicles. Issue 1, 2018

Caso de Grupo SSC - SPOTLIGHT ON Autonomous Vehicles Issue 1

ANSYS Advantage SPOTLIGHT ON Autonomous Vehicles. Issue 1, 2018


Who doesn’t get excited about the prospect of self-driving cars, aircraft and robotic vehicles? Once the stuff of science fiction movies and Saturday morning cartoons, autonomous vehicles are already becoming a reality — and will soon become commonplace.

Experts believe that the emergence of safe autonomous driving technology will completely reinvent the global automotive industry, replacing millions of privately owned cars with fleets of robo-taxis, similar to today’s Uber and Lyft — but completely electric and self-driving.

While 2020 is the generally agreed-upon target for the first commercial release of autonomous cars, technology experts at RethinkX recently predicted that by 2030 — just 10 years later — a full 95 percent of U.S. passenger miles will be served by autonomous electric vehicles owned by companies providing Transportation as a Service.

Similarly, unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, are expected to revolutionize the shipping industry, as Amazon, UPS, Domino’s Pizza and other businesses aggressively invest in drone delivery capabilities.

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