ANSYS Advantage Spotlight on Electrification. ISSUE 1, 2019

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ANSYS Advantage Spotlight on Electrification. ISSUE 1, 2019

Powering a Revolution

When you think of product electrification, possibly the first example that comes to mind is the electric car. The majority of the world’s leading automakers are already pivoting from the combustion engine to hybrid and fully electric vehicles. But electrification is affecting almost every industry, as product development teams search for new ways to achieve higher levels of performance with improved energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

In the aerospace industry, more electric aircraft initiatives drive the replacement of hydraulic and mechanical systems with electric equivalents — and companies envision propulsion systems that are hybrid or fully electric, reducing noise, emissions, weight and fuel burn while improving safety and reliability. In the global energy industry, there is a transition from large centralized power plants to smaller distributed power generation systems and microgrids that are often based on low-carbon or renewable sources of electricity. And, in the face of growing electricity demand, millions of electricity-driven pumps and other industrial machines must become more and more efficient.

There are multiple drivers behind this electrification revolution. As the demand for energy accelerates, the cost of new enabling technologies is falling — batteries, for example. Geopolitical concerns over energy security — coupled with a growing awareness of the environment and government mandates — encourage investment in local, sustainable sources of electrical energy generation. Electric energy is becoming more trendy and attractive, leading to increased demand from consumers. One thing is certain: Electrification is going to impact your products and many aspects of your business model very soon.

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