Introducing ANSYS AIM


Introducing ANSYS AIM

Descripción y objetivos

Tuesday 15th September 2015

14:00 BST, 15:00 CET, 09:00 EST

Some product designs require a single physics solution, while others - involving, for example, fluid-structure interactions - require multiple physics simulations.  Setting up and running multiphysics simulations used to be a challenging task involving manual transfer of data between solvers.  With the introduction of ANSYS AIM, multiphysics simulations are easy to perfom.  AIM is an innovative, immersive simulation environment that lowers the barrier to entry for multiphysics simulations.  The AIM unified multiphysics platform uses proven ANSYS solutions packaged in a new intuitive environment, making previously complex multiphysics simulations accessible to the entire engineering organization.

Attend this webinar and learn how ANSYS AIM makes it easier than ever to solve your toughest multiphysics design challenges in a single, easy-to-use environment.  Learn how AIM's guided simulation process paradigm can help you to automate your simulations to ensure that they are following engineering best practices every time.  Don't settle for single physics approximations when multiphysics simulations yield more accurate solutions with little additiononal effort using ANSYS AIM. 

This webinar is free to attend, however registration is required via the "Register Now" button. Alternatively, if you would like us to register you please send an e-mail to

Develop 3D have posted an editorial review on ANSYS AIM 16.1, which underscores the value that AIM provides our customers.  To find out more click here.

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