ANSYS Advantage SPOTLIGHT on Digital EXploration. Issue 2, 2017

Caso de Grupo SSC - SPOTLIGHT on Digital EXploration. Issue 2,

ANSYS Advantage SPOTLIGHT on Digital EXploration. Issue 2, 2017


The positive impact of engineering simulation on the product development process has been well documented. By enabling engineers to test and verify their designs digitally, simulation has cut enormous costs and time from the development cycle, while also enabling innovation.

Over the past 40 years, backed up by thousands of customer success stories, simulation has been established as a key part of the product design verification process. Our experience and independent studies show that upwards of 80 percent of total product cost is determined by decisions made in the earliest stages of the product development process. As the design matures, options are increasingly limited, constraints are placed on the product development team’s ability to innovate, and the cost of change becomes exponentially higher.

By applying simulation at the beginning of the design cycle, a product development team can quickly and cost-effectively explore thousands of design variations and gain insight into the impact of the choices made. By posing what-if questions, the team can discard some ideas and focus on the most promising ones. And they can explore options that were previously not even considered due to cost and complexity.

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