ANSYS Advantage Best of Healthcare. Special ISSUE 2016.

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ANSYS Advantage Best of Healthcare. Special ISSUE 2016.


As healthcare organizations labor toward profit, they embrace simulation tools and methodologies not just to speed development but to ensure extreme product safety and reliability — a goal of 100 percent efficacy. Computer modeling and simulation (in silico testing) are revolutionizing the field: The methodology provides valuable insights upfront, bringing earlier product launch and greater return on investment through reduced reliance on animal studies and bench testing. Innovative companies are now leveraging simulation as a gateway to personalized medicine.

The cardiovascular community is under pressure to develop minimally invasive products/treatments that are safer and cheaper than traditional ones. Computer models are remarkably accurate in predicting how an aortic aneurysm stent would perform in specific patients, proven by a Cardiatis investigation. Such strategic use of simulation amplifies development efforts and validates products to regulatory agencies, insurance companies and investors

A multiphysics approach ensures model fidelity by incorporating blood flow, cardiovascular structures and electronic/ mechanical device performance. An aortic valve manufacturer used simulation to better understand implant forces — which are impossible to measure accurately — in treating elderly high-risk patients with aortic valve stenosis

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