ANSYS Advantage SUSTAINABLE DESIGN. Volume V, Issue 1, 2011


ANSYS Advantage SUSTAINABLE DESIGN. Volume V, Issue 1, 2011

Green Design without Compromise

The Need for Sustainability
Throughout much of the world, people expect that life will become better, easier and more comfortable for succeeding generations. Over the past century, privileges once limited to the wealthy have become commonplace; indeed, many are now considered a necessity. Owning a car, flying around the world, accessing a computer, connecting to the internet from anywhere, and using a cell phone are routine activities, even in emerging countries. However, the world can’t sustain such exponential growth forever. The planet has received a wake-up call about addressing overconsumption. Many scientists state emphatically that we are putting our planet, and the human species, in danger.

The population is rapidly draining the world’s fossil energy sources; at the same time, emissions from these fuels are negatively impacting the environment and its natural evolution. Huge amounts of waste material are being stored with the hope that the earth can cope with it. Most people are aware that the globe cannot sustain these practices forever. While a growing number of people are urging the world’s population to do something about it, many individuals are unwilling to sacrifice their comfortable lifestyle.

Reluctance to Sacrifice Current Standards
Without a doubt, cars could be more environmentally friendly, but if you surveyed the planet, would you find people willing to pay more to achieve this objective? Most would be reluctant to accept significant reductions in performance, speed or acceleration. G

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