DIMENSIONS - Simulating Business Success - Spring 2017

Caso de Grupo SSC - DIMENSIONS - Simulating Business

DIMENSIONS - Simulating Business Success - Spring 2017

Pervasive Engineering Simulation For a Digital World

We’re witnessing a disruption in product development as the physical and digital worlds merge to generate unprecedented product innovation. Because products are smarter and more innovative than ever, how they are manufactured, brought to market and operated has been profoundly altered. In this environment, the winners will be those who master this complexity and create breakthrough products. They will leverage the best practice of pervasive engineering simulation and simulate earlier, using digital exploration to investigate a larger design space faster. Simulation will be applied throughout the product design team, during the full process of product development and even into realtime operation.

Just as products have radically advanced, simulation software has also evolved. Only visionary companies that leverage these new capabilities will be able to transform disruption into opportunity

Engineering simulation was ˀrst introduced over  years ago, but today it’s making a greater and more strategic impact than ever before. The world’s leading companies leverage ANSYS software to create digital prototypes of their products, simulate real-world conditions and study their response. These organizations also perform digital exploration to optimize designs before costly physical testing begins. Improvements in hardware and processing speeds allow engineers to take advantage of ANSYS solutions to consider millions of product permutations seamlessly and rapidly, without any investment in physical prototypes or testing.


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