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A new Electrification Revolution

The science of electricity was pioneered in the 18th and early 19th centuries by luminaries such as Franklin, Faraday, Volta, Ampere, Ohm and Maxwell. They laid the foundation for the second industrial revolution in the late 19th century, which was enabled by the engineering of such resonant names as Edison, Bell, Tesla and Westinghouse, whose inventions spanned from light bulbs to electric railways and industrial electric machines.

In the mid-20th century came the transistor, spawning a revolution in commercial and industrial electronic systems — from the smartphone to the internet and now the Internet of Things and all that that encompasses.

Today, we are in an era of a new energy revolution as deep global trends shape the future of energy demand, its production and consumption. And this revolution is predominantly electrical in nature.

According to the World Economic Foundation (WEF), the industrial-ization and urbanization of emerging economies, cost reductions in core technologies, increased societal and political commitment to the environment, and energy security are driving game-changing developments in the energy industry.

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