ANSYS Advantage SPOTLIGHT on the DIGITAL TWIN. Issue 1, 2017

Caso de Grupo SSC - SPOTLIGHT on the DIGITAL

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For over 40 years, engineering simulation has helped product development teams around the world deliver game-changing innovations, accelerate product launches and reduce the costs associated with design and development

While the process of creating highly engineered products has never been easy, today’s product development organizations are faced with challenges that could not have been imagined 40 years ago. Existing products are growing in complexity, with smart functionality and more embedded software. Disruptive products are operating in design spaces that have not been explored before. These products are expected to perform in more extreme physical conditions.

Consumers are demanding bigger and more frequent innovations that are delivered affordably. And, in some cases, customers no longer demand just a product such as a wind turbine, they demand an outcome like kilowatt hours.


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